Natálie Zehnalová

This is a list of articles I’ve written, including features, interviews, art show reviews, track and concert reviews and festival reports. You can find a selection on the main page.

Lady Science

Feminist visions for City Design
The city produces and reproduces the structures of power in society

The Forty-Five

Imagining new worlds: Is virtual reality the future of club music?
A visit to Berlin’s Future East Festival shows a glimpse of a virtual reality where clubs aren’t shut down by covid


Interview: Ai fen
The artist’s namesake project unravels the self, exploring her identity as a biracial, multinational, millenial woman

Nothing But Hope And Passion 

Virtual Concerts And Mingling From Home
Attending the all-digital Eurosonic Noordeslag 2021

Beyond linearity: Introducing experimental producer Ai fen
The remix EP post postforever takes the premise of the original album an incomprehensible step further 

The Calvert Journal

Dlina Volny: the Belarusian band bottling Brut Pop
Inspired by Soviet Pop and brutalist architecture, the trio stresses the importance of dreaming

ERA Magazine

Cities of equality: the material feminists 
Considering the continuing importance of spatial feminism in challenging the imposition of unpaid domestic labour

Kajet Journal
On understanding of time, hybrid identities and the liberating power of screaming with the Polish/Chinese musician Ai fen
High Clouds

MOTHERMARY beam a flash of light with lush dark pop anthem “Give It Up” 
A love song the twin duo wrote for themselves and for everyone who is struggling

Midnight Prisms sparks nostalgic feels with “Picture of the End”
The LA native serves a double portion of pastel-coloured nostalgia with her latest single

Takykardia reach out to fellow romantics on explosive single “Waving”
Copenhagen trio Takykardia say no to instant dating

Xelli Island delivers empowering dream-pop anthem “Sometimes”
Xelli Island takes to lighthearted ooh-ooh-oohs to grapple with a serious topic

Nothing But Hope And Passion 

In A Sea Of Panel Houses: An introduction to post-punk from Belarus
Where brutalist architecture meets post-Soviet rock and punk

“Seventeen Seconds” by the Cure turns 40 and hasn’t lost its gloomy charm at all
The second album by the British icons marked the starting point of their path towards goth rock 

Full Moon Magazine

Široké spektrum maskulinit
Masculinities: Liberation Through Photography exhibition at Gropius Bau Berlin (2020)

Harald Hauswald: Sledovaný fotograf
Harald Hauswald retrospective Voll das Leben! at C/O Berlin (2020)

Královny krachu: Gudrun Gut, Bettina Köster, Beate Bartel a další ženy německé hudební avantgardy
Queens of Noise: Gudrun Gut, Bettina Köster, Beate Bartel and other women of German avantgarde music

Čerpat z daného momentu: Rozhovor s Gudrun Gut
Take the Moment and Make It Your Own: An interview with Gudrun Gut


Full Moon Magazine

Nic víc než jedno políčko na disko kouli
“No Photos on the Dancefloor!” exhibition at C/O Berlin (2019)

Wave Gothic Treffen: Když goths vylezou na slunce
Wave Gothic Trefen festival (Leipzig 2019)

David Wojnarowicz: Vytrácím se, ale ne dost rychle
“David Wojnarowicz Photography & Film 1978-1992” exhibition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin 2019)

Full Moon 

Holly Herndon: Více lidskosti
Holly Herndon at Kraftwerk (Berlin, 6th December 2019)

Amnesia Scanner: Chaos, který nikdy nenastal
Amnesia Scanner at Kraftwerk (Berlin, 30th November 2019)

CTM Festival: Klást odpor křikem i třpytkami
CTM Festival “Persistance” (Berlin 2019)

Azucar Magazine

The Haus: The Art Bang That Shook Berlin
As part of an unique street art show, artworks bedecked both the inside and the outside of a former bank 

Art von Frei: And Now She Takes Berlin
Visiting the German artist and gallerist Eva Moll at her gallery space

I do translation work as well, mainly subtitle translation and book translation. From December 2016 to September 2018, I was in the team of authors of the daily radio programme “The World in 20 Minutes” on channel Plus of the Czech public radio broadcaster.

Albatros Media

Domácí výroba likérů, CPress 2020
Rita Vitt: Blüten- und Kräuterliköre (2019)

Nevinnost Otce Browna, CPress 2019
G. K. Chesterton: The Innocence of Father Brown (1911)

Český Rozhlas Plus 

Svět ve 20 minutách “The World in 20 Minutes”
Radio program presenting selected news analysis and features from international press to the Czech radio listeners